Animal Hater Throws Tied Up Puppy Out Of Moving Vehicle…

Animal Hater Throws Tied Up Puppy Out Of Moving Vehicle…

You cannot believe anybody could do such a thing to a animal they must be sick in the head that is all I can say that puppy looks so cute.

Authorities are trying to determine who tied up a puppy, put a noose around its neck and threw it from a vehicle in Richland County.

According to the Valiant: Animal Rescue and Relief's Facebook page, the puppy, named Olivia, was thrown from a vehicle on Hunt Club Road, just off Decker Boulevard, on February 17th.

“In that trash bag was a small sickly puppy that had been hog-tied. Every time the puppy would try to free itself, the noose got tighter and cut further into the from of her neck,” said Michelle Reid, the executive director.

Reid said witnesses saw the puppy being thrown from a white SUV, possibly a Ford Explorer, with black rims and tinted windows

“This was not an easy task for someone to tie up a living creature in this manner. It was calculated. It takes a certain kind of evil to do something like this. It was intended for this puppy to suffer immensely over time and eventually succumb and die,” said Reid.

Reid said Olivia is being treated for infections, a laceration and parasites.

If you have any information about the vehicle or individuals involved, you are being asked to contact Valiant Animal Rescue & Relief at 843-817-2367.

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