Animal Shelter Owner Accused Of Cruelty Her Court Case Postponed…

Animal Shelter Owner Accused Of Cruelty Her Court Case Postponed…

Investigators have stated that the accused Stephanie Schneider is still been help in Oneida County Jail you always think that animal shelter homes will be a safe heaven for animals but it this case it was not.


The court date for the Oneida County animal shelter owner accused of mistreating animals has been delayed.

Stephanie Schneider was scheduled to make her first court appearance on Monday, Feb. 27.

According to the Oneida County District Attorney's office the court date has been postponed because a charging decision hasn't been made.

Nearly 40 dogs were seized from the “It Matters to One” animal shelter in Sugar Camp, Feb. 6.

Investigators stated past employees, volunteers, and citizens who have adopted or considered adopting had shared information about possible neglect to the dogs.

During an inspection of the facility, dogs were found that needed medical attention.

The dogs were also in need of food and water.

39 dogs were removed so that they could be medically evaluated.

Most of them were taken to the Oneida County Humane Society, some were immediately treated by veterinarians.

Schneider was arrested by the Oneida County Sheriff's Office Feb. 17 for failing to provide food or water, mistreating animals, and obstructing law enforcement.

The district attorney's office is continuing to review the case to determine if charges will be filed.

A future court date has not been set.

After the dogs were seized, Schneider released a statement on the animal shelter's Facebook page.

Part of the statement read:

“While it is extremely unsettling that someone would accuse us of neglect, we would like to make it known that we rescue animals from high-kill shelters and undesirable circumstances because we believe every dog deserves the best quality of life possible. They do not always arrive to us in good condition. Over the past 4 years we have placed hundreds of dogs into loving homes, dogs who were minutes from being killed, aggressive dogs, dogs who were injured, sick, neglected, pregnant, abandoned and abused.”

Another court date has not been set yet. Read more…



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