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How do we know if our dog has anxiety, how do we know how to treat, what to treat. I’m hoping we advise you all on some little tips/information. This way, if your dog ever does suffer from anxiety you’ll have all the knowledge you need as an owner to help. And the first, is always have anxiety medication for dogs at hand.

Dogs are going to be your best friend for life. This is true whether or not they’ve ever been around children. However, this does not mean that they will never suffer from anxiety. Symptoms of anxiety in dogs are often missed or interpreted. Therefore, its very important to look into the causes of dog anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety are usually squirming and shaking or preoccupation with the ground.

As with humans, dog anxiety is different. As stated, dogs with more severe anxiety will exhibit over the top symptoms. However, even dogs with mild anxiety will show these signs if they are left untreated. Here are some top tips for dog anxiety prevention:

* When your dog is awake, touch him or her and make sure its not something that triggers the anxiety. A bowl of food will do fine. A collar, too, can trigger it, but an activity collar will not.

* Keep your dog active. Take it for a walk and engage it in something. Play with it, do agility drills with it, anything that gives it a workout will help.

* Get some good exercise, daily. Take your dog out for a walk or a run and engage it in some activity to tire it out.

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise so that he or she can get the idea that physical activity is a good thing. Do not give them the wrong message about the importance of exercise. Exercising is very important for them. It allows them to release tension and anxiety. Doing it regularly also helps to keep their teeth clean.

To prevent dog anxiety, treat it. The most important thing is to have it’s anxiety controlled. When this is done, you will achieve the best results by being observant and careful.

* Don’t do it if you’re scared. They will often get nervous and act out. What this often translates to is a dog chasing a cat or another dog. This can end in disaster. Sometimes they run into traffic and get hit by a car. There are instances when a dog ends up killed or crippled.

* Don’t reward it. If you get it excited, it will think it has won the battle. This will trigger the dog to act out. This does not help the dog or you. It will only reinforce the behaviours that triggered the anxiety.

* Do it when it’s calm. It will look to you for reassurance that it is okay. Doing this at the wrong time will make the dog anxious.

When these suggestions are followed, you will achieve the best results. A well behaved dog, makes for a good family pet. If you make sure that you follow these suggestions, you will be rewarded with a calm and well behaved dog. Always have anxiety medication for dogs at hand. It will help a lot.

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