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The signs of mild anxiety in dogs are being worried about odd things or one thing and barking excessively. It is unlikely that these are real concerns which need to be addressed by a dog trainer. If you are concerned and wonder whether these are simply anxiety symptoms or not, then bring out your pet and touch each of their paws, this is how they will react and display their anxiety, if they have real concerns you will be able to tell. If your pet has little anxiety, and is happy and settled, then you can assume that they are not worrying about or anxious about anything. However, you should remain cautious and watch them for signs of little signs of anxiety.

If your pet has little anxiety then there will be very little worry or stress around the house. If your dog has little anxiety in the house, there will be little activity or fuss around them. They will be happy to see you if they want to and will behave nicely. There may be no reason for you to worry about any specific situation. So it would be wise to stay on top of the situation to ensure your dogs well being. If you have a dog with moderate anxiety levels then there may be some worry or stress around the house and in them as they will be concerned about their surroundings, they will bark and want to get back to you.

They will bark at new things, they will want to explore new things and will get stressed and anxious if they are left alone. If you have moderate level of anxiety then the important thing is to monitor them to be sure that they do not injure themselves. The dog with moderate anxiety levels may start to have some symptoms of stress and you can watch them to ensure they are safe. If you feel distress, such as they have a slight stress reaction, then try anxiety tablets for dogs . If there is no problem then take them out for a walk. This will give them the chance to get back to normal. If they bark at a light, then it is OK, they will be safe and not upset or be worried. If they bark at a person or a car then you take action as said earlier with tablets.

The dog with moderate levels of anxiety may just bark excessively, so if they are isolated then bring them out to meet and greet with you. Give them a treat and give them lots of attention, they will be able to get their anxiety levels down. If they are isolated and nervous then use a crate. Dogs are naturally den animals and they will feel more secure and comfortable in a crate. Put them in the crate when you are not around. Let them sniff and look around. If they need to go outside put them in the crate.

Dog anxiety has many causes. The important thing is to get the dog out and meeting with people and family. There may be medical issues that are behind it. For example, they may be scared of new things. They may be scared of something people have introduced. They may be over worked and stressed. It is important to take them to a vet so they can be properly diagnosed and treated. With proper treatment and anxiety tablets for dogs, which the dog with moderate anxiety will improve and return to normal. Dog anxiety is quite common. It can be treated with medication and with good training and love you can improve their mental and physical health.

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