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The most important thing in your pet’s life is happiness. If they are stressed, try the calming pills for dogs. There are other things in life they will stress about as well. If they are lonely, they will make sure they find another pal. If they are anxious, they will show it by pacing or acting like crazy. There is nothing you can do about it. It is part of being an animal. To make it worse, the stress and anxiety can go on to affect their learning and their behaviour as they progress through life.

Now the good news, if you know what is causing the problem. There are steps you can take to alleviate it.

1. Always take your pet to a vet or a good dog trainer, but these will probably ask you to try calming pills for dogs first.
2. You can start by rewarding your pet. Praising your pet every time they accomplish something they set out to do will help your animal feel that they have value.
3. If you notice that your pet is acting in a less happy manner, ask them to sit with you for just a moment. Ask them to be in just the same way that you would ask them to do for you. If they are good about doing it, then you can give them a pat, or give them a special toy. You will see that your pet will see that they have value.
4. Get up and go about your daily life for just a moment. Walk to the door, open the door, touch the doorknob. Do all the things that make your animal happy. When they look at you, you can give them that pat. Your animal will sense that they have value and will respond with a smile.
5. If you notice that your pet is getting nervous, then you need to get ready to go about your daily routine. If you can’t stand to be around your animal, then don’t take them around for your daily routine. Take them to a dog trainer, or to a vet, or to the groomer, or to the pet store, or wherever you take your animals. You will be more happy to live with your dog if you don’t have them around.

There is nothing wrong with trying to train your dog to use the potty outside. The problem is, dogs are not trained to do it. They are trained to respond to your commands. They respond to your commands when you are in control, not when you are afraid of them. In order to have a well behaved dog, the only way is by you taking control. And that is what dogs are trained to do, is respond to your commands. If you can do that, then you will have the happiness of a well behaved dog.

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