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In some cases it is down to how animals are treated in their first year of life. Some are diagnosed at vets surgeries and undergo testing for possible neurological conditions. Some others are caused by an eating disorder. In some cases pets are treated for anxiety and fearful behaviour. There are several ways you can help your pet deal with this issue.

If your pet is anxious, it is important that you address the problem as soon as you become aware of it. When you do, it will be easier to tackle it in the future. A good place to start is through teaching your pet to relax. Excessive nervous behaviour can be very worrying and frustrating. If you catch them in the act it is easy to spot their anxiety. It can take some time and some effort to get them to relax. But by doing so, you can minimise their anxiety and other nervous behaviours.

Many dogs find it hard to make themselves less anxious when you are trying to help them with it. They try to make you feel bad about it or try to distract you with play. You must make them less anxious before you try to address the problem. This means you must make them wait patiently while you go somewhere else. You must make them look at you intently when you come home. You must make them wait till you have gone away and come back to their favourite spot. You must make them hold still and just pay attention to what you are saying. These are some ways of making them wait while you are helping them with their anxiety. If you go on until they are relaxed, you will find they are less anxious.

One effective method of making them less anxious is by using calming tablets for dogs. calming tablets for dogs can put them into a state of relaxation and calmness. After the course of using these, they will be less anxious and can go away and come back to what you have been doing with them. You must make them stay in that state of relaxation and calmness. Some dogs are more excitable than others and they may be able to start playing with you. It will be harder to stop them from playing with you. It may take more of their time but it will be slower to achieve what you want them to do.

Many dogs become less anxious when they have been trained to be afraid of certain things. If your pet happens to be the kind that gets very excited when he hears a sound or sees a person, he may find it easier to learn that he is not to be excited at these things. You can start by wearing a mask or a helmet.

You can also start to train them to be afraid of loud noises and such. Make them wear this whenever they go to places where there are loud noises.

By learning to be afraid of these things you can make them less anxious and make them more relaxed.

Also learn to make them to be in a calm state of mind and to be receptive to your commands. If you teach them how to be calm you can make them to be less anxious.

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