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It has been observed that many cats experience chronic inflammation of the urinary tract, often accompanied by frequent incontinence. The classic flavour cat urinary health supplement can also help in maintaining urinary health by neutralising irritants which interfere with urine neutralisation. This is especially important for cats suffering from allergies or a skin irritation. Also, a classic chicken flavour helps in delivering the protein to the bladder where it is utilised by the kidneys.

The cat’s favourite flavour does not have a smell. A few drops of the favourite flavour, either in a little water or directly into the urine, and the urine will have a sweet scent. This can last for a few hours until the cat is offered a meal. Cats will take the urine directly, rather than drinking it, to ensure that it is not diluted. This in turn decreases the risk of urinary tract infections and urinary problems being experienced. If you give a particular chicken dish to your cat and encourage him to drink some of it, then that will lessen his desire to drink your urine.

If you observe your cat is suffering from allergies or a skin irritation then add a bit of the classic chicken flavour cat urinary health supplement directly into the food and it will help alleviate the irritation and help prevent further problems.

If you have an older cat and you wish to treat urinary problems then the chicken flavour is suitable for older cats, although this flavour will not have the anti-inflammatory effect for early stages of urinary infections.

A typical chicken dish contains chicken and the flavour is often supplied as a flavouring. Chicken flavour contains chicken, which is a natural diuretic and helps to ensure that the bladder stays hydrated. Cats do not tend to drink water; indeed, water is not a good thing for them. In fact, water can be detrimental to their health.

It is a good idea to watch how your cat behaves when you have the chicken flavoured dish. Most cats tend to drink from their paws; if your cat is avoiding his paws then he may be avoiding the chicken urine. But if your cat is drinking from his paws then he may be suffering from allergies. If you suspect that your cat is allergic then you can help him to reduce his discomfort by putting him on an anti-inflammatory diet.

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