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There are many effective ways to treat bladder problems. As owners of cats, we are faced with the awful and sometimes embarrassing predicament of trying to ease discomfort in our pet. Cat bladder conditions, such as urethritis, are very painful for our pets and we try to manage them as much as we can. We use a variety of products to reduce discomfort such as cat urinary supplement to stop the urine oozing and reduce pain.

Cat urinary supplement will ease bladder pain, and even make urine flow more easily. Most of us are not aware that there is a specific product that has been used for centuries for cats and dogs, which when applied once a day will prevent bladder infection and improve bladder functioning, treat bladder problems, and prevent urinary tract infections.

The product is called neosporin.

As you would imagine, this product is not cheap. It ranges from 30 to 150 for a one ounce bottle. That said, many people use it because they are very aware of the risks associated with veterinary drugs. There are side effects associated with use of the neosporin. However, the majority of pet owners do not take the chance. Rather than risk it, they treat their pets with the natural product at a very affordable price. As mentioned, the product is not cheap but most people are willing to take the risk because of the quality and effectiveness of the product.

There is a pet product on the market called neosporicidal which is given to male cats and dogs to prevent sperm production. This is given once a month until the animal is sexually mature. It is made from a natural substance that acts quickly to inhibit the testes to prevent production of sperm. This is effective within 24 hours of treatment. Once a month is a relatively cheap approach to prevention of male infertility.

The products we use on our cats and dogs are not given for cosmetic purposes. They are effective, humane and reduce pain for our animals. This is not a punishment, but a solution for our pets. The product is cheap and it is effective. It does not increase the risk of side effects. The risk of side effects associated with veterinary medications is always present with these products. However, the risk of serious side effects is low with these natural therapies.

Bottom line:

* If you want a product that is effective and cheap, that is easy to administer and that has few side effects, that will reduce pain and that has no risk of increasing testosterone in your dog or cat, look into the holistic solution.

Pet owners are making good decisions that are going to help their animals. The risk of an animal contracting a serious disease is low with these natural therapies. The risk of an animal getting a slight disease is common with veterinary medications. The expense of these natural therapies is low because the products are natural and cheap. These solutions are getting good reviews.

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