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Cranberry supplement for cats is a natural product made from purply cranberries. It contains high amounts of vitamin C and is rich in water-soluble fibre. Because of its rich source of fibre, the juice is easily digested and eliminated and thus is very good for relieving constipation. It is well tolerated even by dogs and cats. Cranberry juice is also used as a flavouring agent for juicers, making it very useful in controlling bleeding, in kidneys and bladder stones, and for strengthening teeth and gums.

Cranberry supplement for cats and dogs, unlike other cranberry products, it is highly concentrated and with pure Cranberry extract, which is very high in it, and is safe for both dogs and cats.

All products are made by using purified Cranberry pulp, it is extracted by purifying the pulp by thermal extraction, which is a process of removing impurities from the extract, then it is purified.

How does this treat constipation?

Cranberry products help in easing the discomfort and bloating that many dogs and cats experience in the form of constant straining, the juices help to dilate the cat’s and dog’s colon. The juice also aids in strengthening the colon’s muscle and relieves flatulence, bloating and abdominal discomfort. It has been verified by veterinary doctors that cranberry juice is safe and effective in treating constipation and bloating, thus does not have side effects. It helps a lot in treating colitis, colitis associated diarrhoea, excess gas and intestinal worms. Cranberry products are of course the most easy to use, with the least dosage needed to relieve discomfort.

As the contents of these products are very low, the dogs and cats must be given the Cranberry products daily as a complete supplement. The dosage of the Cranberry products are very small, usually ranging between 5mg per 50lbs of the dogs weight and 15mg per 20lbs of the cats weight. This is for a period of 4 weeks. The frequency of use of the products is then increased according to the outcome of the tests done by the manufacturer, and it is increased by 2 weeks every time the tests prove a product to be more effective.

You must note that these products do not cure constipation and do not treat bloating. It can only relieve discomfort and make your pet feel better while eliminating intestinal parasites.
* Side Effects & Precautions

* There are very little reports of any side effects or dangerous side effects with Cranberry products. With them, the risks are minimal.

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