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The joint degeneration that develops from arthritis is actually pretty minor. It does not require surgery, and as a dog matures, it lessens. Your dog will rarely ever be in pain if you use dog arthritis pain relief, but joint degeneration and stiffness will always be an issue, for its just the same as for humans.

When canine arthritis comes on, you will notice that your dogs range of motion gets reduced. This is normal as the joint is starting to degrade, but there is a more serious kind of canine arthritis that develops into osteoarthritis and its also pretty significant. Its as if the ligament and tendons inside the joint gets destroyed. The joint, the body and the cartilage will be unable to lubricate the joint as well as it used to and as a result, the dog will be unable to move the joint freely. This type of arthritis, should be watched very closely and if caught early, can be helped with dog arthritis pain relief.

Dogs with osteoarthritis means that the joints degenerate and get destroyed and that means the joints are not lubricated as well, and more wear and tear ensues. This is the most serious one. Most likely its very painful and annoying for your dog. The best treatment is to keep it moving. If you make it do some easy exercises, it’s less likely to get infections in the joints and it will be more comfortable. You can help by making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. And if it has to spend time in a wheel chair, put some padding on the wheelchair and buy plenty of extra pillows and blankets. Osteoarthritis is pretty serious, and needs the attention of an expert, so to speak, because it can be pretty painful for your dog. For dogs, arthritis is a fairly common disorder. It is an evolutionary trait for the dog to be unable to move the joints with ease and movement. In such a case, they have to have assistance and its always best to use Orthopaedic dog wheels that will keep your dog in the same position.

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