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Scratching is a way for cats to exercise, stretch their muscles, and keep their claws in good shape. If you have a cat, you better give it a nice post to scratch on, otherwise the pet will damage your wallpaper, carpets, and sofa. This article will reveal some facts you need to know when buying any cat scratching posts.

Cat Scratching Posts Should Be Tall

It’s important that you buy a tall enough scratching post so that your cat can scratch at full stretch. Such a post will allow the pet to fully stretch its body out and pull its shoulder and back muscles for better health and flexibility.

Sturdiness is Critical

Why does a cat scratching post need to be sturdy? Because if it wobbles, it will be of no use. In other words, your cat won’t like it. If the kitty ignores the post, it may choose your couch as an alternative. Your couch and other furniture have great stability that cats love.

Best Scratching Post Materials

When shopping for a cat scratching post, make sure you don’t buy one that is covered in materials commonly found in your home, like carpet for instance, since your cat can’t differentiate which objects are allowed to be scratched and which ones are not, thus sometimes it may enter your living room to wreak havoc on its carpet.

The best materials for scratching are sisal, paper, and corrugated cardboard, all of which can satisfy your cat’s craving for claw sharpening.

Various Scratching Surfaces Can Maximize Fun

Having more than one variation of scratching surface will keep your cat occupied and entertained. Therefore, you may want to buy several types of scratching posts to allow your cat to have fun and experience an enjoyable scratch.

Cats Love Vertical and Horizontal Scratching Posts

You can put vertical and horizontal scratching posts in your home and let your cat choose which one to play with. Sometimes your cat prefers scratching vertically and climbing; but sometimes it wants to scratch horizontally, sit and even sleep on the scratching platform. By providing both vertical and horizontal posts, you’ll be able to satisfy your cat’s needs and desires.


Choosing the right scratching posts is easy as long as you understand what object your cat loves when it has the urge to sharpen its claws.

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