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If you cant give your dog fish oil supplements because you are unsure of their quality, you might want to look at fish oil omega 3 for dogs. Manufacturers claim that dogs food supplements for omega-3 will have no adverse effects, are safe and a good quality supplement. Omega-3 for dogs is touted as a natural alternative to humans for a healthy immune system, reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In studies fish oil omega 3 for dogs was seen to reduce inflammation in the body, increase energy, and even protect against allergies.

Omega-3 for dogs is seen as a helpful supplement to humans not only in treating human ailments but in reducing the risk of illness in dogs. Omega-3 products are made by separating oil from fish which is then converted to liquid omega-3 in chemical labs. These supplements are then made available to dogs through veterinary suppliers who distribute them through veterinary pharmacies. Studies show that omega-3 supplements help prevent allergies by helping to make cells more responsive to omega-3 fatty acids in the bloodstream. This is important when dogs are receiving vaccinations. Researchers at the University of California Davis Medical School even claim that the supplementation can help stop dogs from becoming allergic to eggs.

Your dog is likely to show a marked improvement in skin health with omega-3 for dogs. In one study, dogs given a supplement for eight weeks showed a marked reduction in scaling of skin. They also showed improvement in hair quality and texture, compared to a control group of dogs not given the supplements. The dog supplements are now seen as a safe and effective way to combat human ailments too. This means that the supplement is beneficial in reducing the symptoms of allergies for both dogs and humans.

Other studies have shown that omega-3 for dogs can help prevent kidney damage in cats and kittens. You will see in your vet’s clinic a marked improvement in your dog’s health and appearance. Omega-3 is still seen as a safe and effective way to prevent problems of the heart. In a study involving the dogs of people with heart problems, researchers noticed a marked reduction in blood vessel inflammation, like thrombosis and stenosis. As a result, blood flow to the heart muscles was improved. This improvement in blood vessel elasticity helped improve the heart health of the dogs.

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