Four Prosthetic Legs Fitted To Dog Bound With Wire In Dumpster…

Four Prosthetic Legs Fitted To Dog Bound With Wire In Dumpster…

Dog lover Lyn Johnstone saved a dogs life by bringing him from Ukraine, his legs were tied up with wire he was in a real bad state it cost Lynn almost £8000 on saving Dillon but as she says it was worth every penny. Dillon is Scotland's very own robodog was rescued from certain death by animal lover Lyn Johnstone.

Meet Dillon, Britain’s first dog to be fitted with four prosthetic legs.

As he runs happily across the grass, new owner Lyn Johnstone says she is deeply proud of her inspiring boy.

Lyn, 49, of Dalgety Bay, Fife, rescued Dillon from Ukraine where he was found dumped on a rubbish tip with all four paws tightly bound with wire.

To save his life, vets had to amputate all of his badly injured limbs.

They took him to a Ukrainian animal rescue centre who issued a worldwide appeal for help.

Dog-walker Lyn responded and brought the German wirehaired pointer to Scotland to join her family of rescue dogs.

Sixteen months on, as he walks, runs and plays with the other canines in Lyn’s care, she says you couldn’t meet a more loving dog.

Lyn said: “Dillon is now such a happy, healthy dog and a real snuggle monster.



“When I first brought him to Scotland I contacted quite a few animal hospitals and without even looking at him, they all told me I should have him put to sleep.

“After everything he had already been through there was no way I could give up on him, and thankfully I eventually found a fantastic vet in Aberdeen who agreed to take a look at him.

“He was won over by what an amazing dog Dillon is and agreed to do all he could to get him back on his feet. Now there is no stopping Dillon.”

Dillon was found close to death on the tip in Dnipropetrovsk in October 2015.

Lyn said: “It’s thought he belonged to hunters who decided to get rid of him. They tied his paws with wire and threw him into the rubbish at a dump that isn’t staffed on a regular basis.

“It’s believed he was there for between a week and 10 days before he was found. By that time he was in a terrible state. Staff at the dump thought someone had thrown an old coat on the rubbish, then the ‘coat’ groaned.”

Lyn heard of Dillon’s plight just weeks later, as he recovered from the op to remove his legs. She said: “I used to work at an animal charity so I heard about Dillon via Facebook.

“I phoned lots of vet hospitals, but they all turned their back on him. One vet even phoned the SSPCA suggesting that prolonging Dillon’s life was an animal cruelty case.”

Lyn took the dog to see Scott Rigg at a vet hospital in Newburgh, Aberdeenshire. He assessed Dillon and agreed to treat his wounds and work on getting him four new legs.

She also contacted OrthoPets UK, who make prosthetic legs for animals.

Lyn, who allowed Dillon’s first steps to be filmed for BBC Alba series Vets, said: “Scott made moulds of Dillon’s stumps that were sent to America so his new legs would attach comfortably.

From the first moment they were put on last summer, he was keen to start running about.”

Lyn, who spent almost £8000 on saving Dillon, added: “Other dog owners in the area all know Dillon now, so no one bats an eye at the sight of him in his stroller or going about either with or without his new legs.

“He is an amazing dog and I’m so proud of him.”

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