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Selecting the right bed for your cat can be a puzzling experience. Cats have different tastes and preferences. For instance, it’s possible to purchase a fancy bed only to be disappointed when your cat ditches it for your bed or couch. Therefore, you should invest your time learning about what your furry friend loves. Determining your cat’s personality is key to choosing the best cat bed. Below are different types of cat beds:

Cat Cave Bed

The Cat cave is an ideal space away from household disruptions, including the vacuum cleaner and small children. It can keep your cat warm when it is cold and vice versa. Choose the right size because cats love to climb and explore inside the cat cave.

Cat Window Bed

Cat window perches can provide added warmth during the cold season, thus improving the comfort of the bed. Based on research, most cats use window perches to nap, particularly on sunny winter afternoons.

Radiator Beds

A radiator bed is a simple bed that is designed to hang from the top of the home radiator. It gives your furry friend a comfortable place to curl up. In addition, radiator beds increase warmth during the winter months.

Things to Consider When purchasing a cat bed

Bed Material

Cat beds are made from an array of materials, including cotton, foam, plush, and wool. Some materials attract dirt and can trigger cat allergies. Based on science, cats are among the most allergic pets. Therefore, choose a pet-friendly bed that is made up of natural materials, such as wool and cotton.


You should purchase a cat bed that matches your interior decor. This is because the bed should be part of your house. The colour and style of the bed will play a significant role in boosting your home’s aesthetic value.


If you stay in an area that experiences winter, consider purchasing a heated bed for your cat. Cold months can be uncomfortable for your cat. The heating feature will make the bed comfier, especially during the winter.


Invest in a bed that is easily cleanable. This is because cats are prone to allergies that might occur as a result of dirt and other pollutants. Currently, cat beds are machine washable; therefore, there is no need to purchase a bed that you will replace too often.

Durability and Comfy

An ideal cat bed should be durable and have the ability to survive biting and scratching. Choosing a durable and comfy bed will save you money in the long run.


There are various types of cat beds: cat window, cat cave, radiator beds etc. Choose a bed that matches your cat’s personality. Some aspects that you need to consider include style, comfort, durability, material, and heating.

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