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Many people have started feeding their dog a specially formulated diet with supplements. While these supplements are typically quite good and do work to a large extent, certain problems can arise. The first type of problem that arises is that certain supplements cant be given by the teaspoon and must be given by the cartridge. The second source of problems is that the supplements cant be given directly from a bottle, but must be purchased and then administered on site. This can be very tedious. The third source of problems are that there are certain supplements that cant be given unless accompanied by a prescription from your veterinarian. Some of these can cause diarrhoea and other ailments when given alone.

Most problems with dogs have their own supplements that are safe and have worked with dogs. For joint and arthritis support, we need to look no further than health supplements for dogs. These help to support joint support for dogs with osteoarthritis. They are generally safe but they must be started at slow titration over a period of weeks. They also should be started for the benefit of your dogs arthritis and should be continued for at least two years.

For digestive issues, you can look no further than health supplements for dogs. These have been found to help treat most digestive issues. They tend to be quite safe, but some dogs get diarrhoea in the first few doses. If your dog gets diarrhoea, you will want to check with your veterinarian to see if you can modify your formula. If you have a puppy, they will take it in small doses to help them out. For heart health, Glucosamine is the way to go. However, there are some risks here as well. The biggest risk is that you could overdose. They generally recommend starting with 25mg and moving up from there.

For heart health issues, you can try the beta carotene supplement Lycopene. This has been found to help fight cancer and cardiovascular issues. They tend to be quite safe and can be started with a low dose and titrated up. There is a risk, however, that it can cause liver problems. For skin issues, look no further than topical salicylic acid. This is particularly well known for treating skin problems and is quite safe. You will want to work up a formula by applying it once daily to your dog. You want to work up a skin care routine for your dog from the start so that it can learn to love the procedure.

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