How To Improve Dog’s Dental Health…

Many pet owners may be surprised to learn a dog's dental health is as important to overall well-being being a daily game of fetch.
Dental care problems in pets go way beyond awful breath. Periodontal disease is the most typical health problem in dogs nowadays. At least 80 percent of dogs experience it by age 2. Eventually left untreated, dental problems can be very painful and affect the quality of a pet's life.

Small-breed dogs under 20 pounds are at far greater risk than larger breeds. Initial, small dogs have small mouths that crowd tooth, and second, those teeth are excessively large for those small jaws.

Fortunately, small breeds don't have to suffer, says Dr. Daniel Carmichael, veterinary dental specialist of Veterinary Medical Center in Western side Islip, N. Y. He proposes:

1. See your veterinarian of regular dental checkups. Work with your vet for you to schedule regular professional dental checkups and ask how you can maintain your pet's dental wellbeing. Monitor for bad breath, which may be a sign of a dangerous dental problem.

2. Brush those canines. Daily tooth brushing is the easiest method to remove and prevent plaque build- way up. You can try the brand new state-of-the-art Hartz® Dental™ Electric Tooth-brush to generate brushing your dog's teeth less difficult. It features a vibrating comb head and, when used since directed, is clinically proven to scale back tartar by 85 percent and plaque by 28 percent soon after three weeks. Use toothpaste manufactured for dogs (beef-flavored paste is appealing to pets) as it's make to become swallowed and does not foam up inside the mouth.

3. Choose smart snacks on your dog. Chewing rawhide has been proven in clinical studies in lowering plaque and tartar. Tasty ground beef and chicken flavors encourage your own pooch to chew longer, raising the dental benefits. Another selection is Hartz® Dental™ Nutri-Fresh Chew™ with OdorZap™ crystals to freshen air, and reducing tartar as much as 61 percent.

4. Provide toys and games with dental benefits. Some modern chew toys have raised points that help remove plaque and tartar. The Hartz® Dental™ Chew™ ‘n Clean® Deli Cuts are an example and come in three yummy flavors. These toys provide eating exercise to strengthen gums and help relieve anxiety and monotony.

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