Hypersensitive Towards Ones Own Pet Dog – How To Solve…

Pets definitely help us live longer and much healthier lives. This is especially true from the elderly and those of us who live alone. Pets help to make wonderful and faithful companions. They're always there for us. Nevertheless, this relationship can become sprained, and sometimes even be broken when someone from the household develops an allergy to some beloved pet.

Studies show that approximately 15% from the population suffers from an allergy to a cat or dog, and about one third of the people with an allergy to cats tend to live in a household that has a cat despite the allergy. Some allergy suffers live happily that has a pet for a couple of years before an allergy starts.

You will find sometimes long term health ramifications of repeated allergy flair up's, specifically for children. Repeated flair-up's can result in permanent lung damage in kids. This should be thoroughly and carefully discussed with your physician. One of the strategies to live happily with an animal you're allergic to is to lower your exposure to the animal. Keep your animal outside if possible.

If the allergy sufferer only carries a mild reaction to the animal there are ways for the pair of them to live together in a harmonious relationship, but it takes work. The animal shouldn't be allowed in the allergy sufferers bedroom or on the bed. make sure to keep the animal away from any upholstered furniture in the home as dander can be used in upholstered furniture. Make use of room purifier to clean airborne animal dander. Remove carpets on the home if possible and change with wood floors. Wash area rugs often with warm water. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter as a way to trap dander. The allergy sufferer should wash their face and hands after handling the dog. The animal can be bathed weekly with formulated shampoo that removes dander.

In some cases where the above methods and the usage of antihistamines and decongestants do not help, the allergy sufferer needs to seek the help of a good allergist. Immunotherapy can be considered like a vaccination against ones allergies. Given on a standard basis as shots, immunotherapy helps your whole body build up a natural tolerance to specific allergens.

With the use of the above methods you can actually live a long and healthy life with your pet!

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