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Glucosamine supplements are best for maintaining healthy joints in older dogs and cats. Just as in humans, glucosamine is a natural product which does not have side effects. In older dogs and cats which have suffered joint trauma with surgery or injury the oil capsules for dogs will help to promote healing and also help to slow the damage and swelling. Both the tablets and capsules for glucosamine are also fairly cheap and readily available.

Other supplements which can be helpful in providing good levels of these vitamins and minerals to your pet, is to provide vitamin C and a combination of mixed tocopherols. As with humans, vitamin C in high doses is potentially toxic, but in moderate amounts it is safe to use. These products can be purchased on-line from your vet or on-line from your feed supplier.

In addition, oil capsules for dogs are also helpful to include in the diet of your pets. These work as antioxidants and help to prevent free radical damage in the body. The tocopherols however must be consumed in sufficient quantities to prevent any sign of stomach problems.

For optimal results we recommend that you include the following types of food in your pets diets:

Meaty treats (turkeys, ham, chicken, fish) must be obtained from a feed supplier who has been approved by the AAFCO. These are a natural alternative to meat for your pets. You can also choose to provide your pets with fish, which are a healthy alternative for your pets to eat.

Eggs are an excellent source of dietary protein and they are also excellent sources of vitamin B. You should always take care to ensure that the eggs are stored and cooked properly to prevent any sign of stomach problems.

Dairy products are also a source of dietary calcium. Your veterinarian might be able to recommend brands of dairy products that are appropriate for your pets.

Nuts are also a source of dietary fat and protein. You should always ensure that your pets are not provided too many nuts per day as this might result in obesity.

Some vegetables are also a source of dietary fibre. It should be ensured that you steer clear of providing too many vegetables per day as this might result in the over production of mucus that is a sign of constipation.

We do recommend that you maintain the weight of your dog by providing it with healthy vegetables and nuts, but we also suggest that you supplement its diet with a mixture of meaty treats and eggs.

We do recommend that you offer your dog dry dog food instead of moist. When you buy dry food for your dogs you will be able to control the moisture content. The dry food has higher nutrient content, and this will be great for the dog’s coat and teeth.
It is always good to feed your pet dry food because it will help to keep your dog’s dental health. The dry food will also help in providing adequate nutrition to the dog’s muscles and joints.

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