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Did you notice a change in the way your dog walks lately? Is he/she struggling? How about his/her mobility? It’s gone down, right? Well, he/she probably is suffering from dog arthritis.

Arthritis is a usual disease for dogs. It commonly means inflammation of the joints. It’s mostly caused by a trauma which happened in early ages.

Most people realize their dog is suffering from arthritis after a while. You can easily notice the stiffness after a long rest. He/she wouldn’t be eager to exercise that much. Some dogs may lick the hurting area in a pattern. Remember that the changes won’t be visible to naked eye so you should watch your dog’s habits. If you feel like something is wrong, take him/her to the vet. The vet will do a physical examination and if that’s not enough he/she can ask for an x-ray which will determine the problem.

It’s mostly not a big problem. It can’t be cured completely, but with the right medication, he/she will be at ease and will have no symptoms. It only matters that you solve the problem immediately. Fortunately, we have a great solution: Supplement powder! There are several dog arthritis supplements and almost each one has the same effects.

  • Eases joint pain and boosts mobility
  • Dog vitamins include glucosamine. Glucosamine fixes joint cartilage and reduces inflammation.
  • No need for pain medication
  • For all ages. Both young and senior dogs.
  • For all types of dogs

A new kind of joint supplement is in the market now, and it has one more effect that separates it from the others. It is powder, not in the form of tablets, chews or pills. This makes it possible for the dog to absorb it quicker. So, the effects of the supplement show quicker. Another advantage is that it has no smell or taste! You adjust the sufficient amount with a measuring spoon and you can just put it in your dog’s food and he/she will eat it without noticing.

If your dog weighs between 10-25kgs, it provides 180 days of supply. Let’s see what other advantages it has.

  • It stops the cartilage breakdown and prevents more damage
  • Reduces the swelling
  • Boosts greasing and protects against impact
  • Increases the flow of nutrient to the cartilage
  • Has a critical role in neutralizing enzymes and free-radicals
  • Acts in a way that a painkiller would have

You can also use it as a precaution to prevent future diseases.

This is one of the best joint supplements for dogs you can use. Even though dog arthritis can’t be cured completely, give your dog a chance to be pain-free!

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