Learn How To Train Your Dog The Proper Way…

Before you get a dog, you should ask yourself if you are responsible enough to have one and train it. Training your dog to be a well mannered canine citizen will not only improve your relationship with them, it will keep them safe and happy. Here are several dog training tips to consider.

When training, find a verbal clue your pet can understand so they will know exactly when to do as you say. “Yes” is the perfect word to show dogs approval before giving a treat.

Choose an easily teachable action to train your dog with in the beginning. Aside from being rewarded instantly for your success, this will also give your dog the important basis of what is an acceptable behavior or trick. This helps you get better results.

You need to give your dog some exercise every day. Your training will be easier and more effective if your dog gets good daily exercise. Your dog will be happier and more responsive when he gets the exercise he needs.

Use the dog's name as much as you can to make sure it pays attention. It is especially important to do this during the first weeks of training, in order to establish that name-attention association. Choose a short name that is easily recognizable from other words.

To teach a young dog to behave while walking on a leash, start by initiating some good-natured playing. As you play, you can then place the collar on his neck. By making your puppy comfortable to wearing a leash, he will be more apt to keep it on.

We hope that you will follow these tips so that your dog behaves the way you want him to. Proper training makes dog ownership more rewarding and less stressful. Training can be done yourself, or you may want to enlist the help of a professional; either way, proper training will bring you many rewarding years with your pet.

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