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Woman 82 Mauled To Death By Two Dogs…

A elderly woman out walking her dog and was attacked and mauled to death by two very aggressive dogs one was a pit bull her dog was also killed. An Oklahoma City woman was mauled to death by two dogs Thursday in a northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood where residents said they've had problems for years […]

Don't Let Your Dog Suffer Like This…

Veterinary Formulated Joint Supplements For Dogs 180 DAYS For A 10-25 kg Dog Is your beloved friendly family dog suffering from arthritis pain and struggling to go for walks, is he or she experiencing reduced mobility and stiff joint problems through age well Uploria Pet World can solve that, our premium quality nutritional joint supplement […]

10 Month Baby Attacked By Family Dog…

Concord police say mom probably saved infant's life during German Shepherd dog attack… No parent wants to see there family dog turn on there child but that is what happened to a family in CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) A 10-month-old baby was attacked by the family dog, a German Shepherd-mix, Friday afternoon and is being treated […]

How Dog Helps Transforms Autistic Teenager's Life…

How Dog Helps Transforms Autistic Teenager's Life…     Again this is how dogs come into there own by been loving and caring all it takes is a bit of training then you can see how it can transform someones life.   14-year-old Adam goes to sleep at night in a tent in his bedroom. […]

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