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Facts You Need To Know About Calming Tablets For Dogs

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Anxiety in dogs

Dogs are not always treated as man’s best friend should.   A dog can be anxious because he was abandoned, neglected, abused, left home alone for far too long, or because he has been subjected to strange people at a vulnerable stage in his life.   Loud noises, fireworks, and traveling could also be terrifying for some dogs.

An anxious dog may bark excessively or may be a whimpering and shivering mess.   Such dogs can also become destructive or hostile. If anxiety is not treated, dogs may lose their appetite or become wholly withdrawn.

These calming tablets from Uploria can help.

  • As part of our anti-stress product range, the tablets can calm your dog significantly.
  • Give it to your dog before traveling, when it thunders, or on Guy Fawk’s day.
  • It is also great for dogs with anger issues.
  • Our products are vet-approved and suitable for dogs of all ages.
  • The tablets are chewy with bursts of chicken flavor and are easy to administer.

Fast-acting and with calming ingredients, our calming supplement will keep your dog stress- and anxiety-free.


Our  Calming Tablets For Dogs is out-sourced and manufactured by a company that is (GMP) – GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE it also holds (ISO 9001) QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGEMENT Certificate that is why we know you are getting a first class product and we can say if you are not satisfied with the product then just return it to us and we will give you a 100% Refund all you pay is the return postage which we have to sign for.

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20 reviews for Facts You Need To Know About Calming Tablets For Dogs

  1. Karen Tate

    We have a 2 year old spaniel who is terrified with fireworks. We gave her the tablets last night and she was much more settled.
    I will definitely be buying more, they are fast acting and they are happy to take them , I mash and put in a spoon with a bit of wet food. I’m glad I’ve found these , after trying 3 or 4 other treatments these are definitely the most effective for my puppa’s Thoroughly recommend.

  2. Kelly Smith

    A little skeptical at first but desperate to try anything as my Jack Russel looks like he is having a heart attack each time a firework explodes. Received these on Saturday and gave him one just before it got dark. The results were brilliant. He was much calmer and relaxed even although he shook a little at the nearer bangs. A much better experience for all of us.

  3. Rita Dodds

    I have an 8 month old doberman who struggles with anxiety , these tablets really seem to take the edge off for her. We recently did a 3 hour car journey and she slept and was calm all the way.

  4. Lydsey Cliff

    Bought these for my extremely high energy (aka psychotic) puppy. He is an xl breed and at 20 weeks is already weighing in at 21kg. He’s a total idiot and NEVER calms down unless crated! Bounces around everywhere knocking over anything in his way!
    I started him on these at recommended dose as he was becoming far too much to have around our children, took around a week or so to start seeing a difference. It doesn’t dope him by any means but just made him slow down and pay a little more attention to his surroundings and things or people in it lol and he now actually lies down to rest when out of the crate which he never did before!

  5. Peter King

    I have a very anxious whippet. Any sound of thunder, wind, trucks going passed, mere thought of rain sends her quivering and trying to hide (,in case thunder ensues). One tablet takes the edge off completely. She relaxes (not sleepy just much calmer), stops shaking and becomes herself again. I’ve never had to give her more than one tablet as the calming affects seem to last a while

  6. Lisa Cliff

    Our two dogs hate having their feet and nails trimmed and get very upset about it. We found these tablets helpful in calming them down making the job easier for them, and there has been no side effects either.

  7. Sophia Wilson

    These seem to work just as well as the expensive calming tablets I used to get from the vet for a rather irritable Jack Russell terrier. They are a different formulation, so I was a bit worried when I first tried him on them. He has a very low threshold for going into a barking frenzy. He still does this but he settles more quickly. I empty the capsule into his food and he’s happy enough to eat it. I recommend them.

  8. Tanya Monks

    My dog gets distressed with fireworks and strong winds. I decided to try these and she seemed a little better. Last night the winds were strong again and although she was a little nervous she seemed more able to cope. I would recommend giving them a try.

  9. Mrs D

    packaging very good and a nice size. Good delivery time. Had no difficulty giving the capsules to my dog

  10. Paul Nelson

    Well ! I’ve been pleasantly surprised how these have worked in calming my aged Springer spaniel down she gets stressed when leaving and at meal times but seems much calmer .

  11. Brenda Brown

    After losing one dog earlier in the year, my remaining Basset hound was becoming increasingly anxious being left on her own in the day. She was shivering excessively before we left in the morning. I found these and she’s been taken two a day for about the last 3 weeks. I do think she is shivering significantly less now and I am fairly confident that this product has been the solution. Certainly not see any adverse side effects either. On this basis, I would recommend them to dog owners who find themselves in a similar position.

  12. Evan Tate

    These tablets certainly reduced the anxiety with my poodle I don’t need to put her anxiety wrap on now when it is a very windy day or if there is loud noises outside, so was pleased with the result of the dog not as stressed , and a drug free alternative that is worth trying.

  13. Karen Brown

    worked at calming my dog very please with quick delivery as well

  14. Lisa D

    Fast delivery and good service

  15. Fiona Setting

    I bought the product to help my dog Bertie through the firework season. They were not a complete success but definitely made a real difference. I used them in conjunction with a plug in vaporiser. Bertie has not made any comment on the flavour of the tablets but he ate them easily enough in with some kibbles. I will be using them again on New Years eve and will buy more when they run out

  16. Kevin S

    Thought that your product was very good and it seemed to calm my dog down when it was very windy or when there was loud noises. The packaging it came in was also very good.

  17. John Miller

    Very good product will order again.

  18. C Wilson

    worked at calming my dog very please with quick delivery as well

  19. Anita H

    A+++++ product and service

  20. AJ

    Got to say they did reduced the anxiety in my dog and calmed him down would use again

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