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Hip And Joint Powder For Dogs

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Hip and Joint Powder for Dogs

Why a powder form?

Uploria’s Hip and Joint Powder for dogs contains glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, Vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid.  It is packed so chocked-full of ingredients that cutting it into tablet form just would not do!  This advanced powder supplement is also absorbed much quicker compared to tablets.

The powder has no taste or smell and can easily be mixed into your dog’s food.

Uploria’s healthy powder encourages flexibility and better joint function.   It helps reduce pain, discomfort, and inflammation.

Uploria’s Hip and Joint Powder for Dogs:

  • Repairs joints and lowers inflammation.
  • Your dog will be much more mobile.
  • This all-natural product eliminates the need for commercial painkillers, leaving your dog more alert and open to fun times.
  • The powder can also be used as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of future hip and joint problems.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes can benefit from Uploria’s Hip and Joint Powder for Dogs.  Here’s to a happy doggo life!


16 reviews for Hip And Joint Powder For Dogs

  1. Moira Stuart

    My 7 year old Border Collie was born with severe hip dysplasia and our vet recommended trying to go as long as possible without having a hip replacement so for years I’ve been trying different supplements etc to relieve any pain and stiffness. So far this supplement has been great, and she still runs around like a 1 year old dog. She is a fussy eater so the hardest part was finding a supplement she will eat and at last I’ve found this. Along with a daily cod liver oil tablet this has worked great so far.

  2. Kelly Armstrong

    Very good product will use again

  3. Lisa Reynolds

    Our dog loves the taste and we’ve seen a massive difference in the way he holds his whole body now and he’s quicker at getting up. Our dog has a mixture of two dogs who are very prone to arthritis and the change in him is incredible in just a short time of him using this product

  4. Sophia Nelson


  5. Angela Dewsbury

    Have been using this for several months and it definitely has helped our old dog with her mobility. Certainly worth trying.

  6. Fiona Johnson

    Our elderly border collie, 13.5 years old, has been slowing down for some time now. A friend recommended Uploria so we thought we’d give it a try. Ok so he’s not running round chasing balls quite like he used to, but he’s certainly got a spring in his step. His movement is better & he finds it easier to get up after resting, he’s also less grumpy around other dogs & I can only think that’s because he feels more comfortable now. Would highly recommend this product & will continue to use it.

  7. Sophia Laign

    Our dog loves the taste and we’ve seen a massive difference in the way he holds his whole body now and he’s quicker at getting up. Our dog has a mixture of two dogs who are very prone to arthritis and the change in him is incredible in just a short time of him using this product

  8. Karen Reynolds

    This joint supplement I have been giving To our small dog for a few months. It has given my dog her life back. She is 15yr old and still running about & loves long walks and able to get in my car on her own. She struggled with all these things before I started treating her with this. So I would recommend this to all dog lovers.

  9. Tanya Nelson

    My dog is SO choosy, he noticed tablets and spits them out. I tried a flavoured powder but he didn’t like it. This one really must have NO taste because he eats his food once this has been sprinkled on and stirred in. What a relief! It certainly helps him with his joint problems too

  10. Paul Tate

    I ordered this product about five weeks ago , I’ve got a 14 yr old jack Russell , he’s become a little stiff that’s why I thought I’d try this joint supplement , I’d recommend it to anyone who has an older dog , pip seems way more happier and has even started jumping up onto the sofa again ,he’s not done that in ages , so I’m over the moon .

  11. Angela Smith

    Excellent product was using yumove on our 12 year old border collie and had increased intake to three tablets a day and his movement was still getting worse. Within two days of using this he started to improve his movement was getting better, less licking in the area of pain. The licking now has now almost stopped he is starting to play again and we have already recommended this product to other’s and will continue to do so.

  12. jennifer whybrow

    Exactly as described. Speedy delivery..

  13. Emma Settings

    Bought this as my dog aged 10 seems to stiffen up in the evenings. I liked the idea of just sprinkling some taste-free powder on his food instead of having to fool him into swallowing a tablet! But the container has proved darned difficult to open and I am about to cut the top off and decant the contents into another container.

  14. Linda Johnson

    Really pleased with this product. I have seen an improvement already in my dogs.
    The good thing is because its odourless and tasteless the dogs do not know its mixed in with the food. Some of my dogs in the past with other tablets or powder have had to have the tablets / powder rolled around meat etc. Before they would take them. And sometimes would spit any out. I bought a couple of tubs so would not hesitate to order more when needed.

  15. Marie Dodds

    Rolly hashed back problems for 12 months. His back legs went very suddenly one morning. His could only drag himself around. He had 5 or 6 hydrotherapy sessions and then I found Uploria hip and joint supplement. After about three or four weeks the strength started to come back. He has a wheel chair and buggy for longer walks but he manages to take himself out into the garden totally unaided now. It’s an excellent product.

  16. Moira Tate

    4 weeks of this and my 13yo Spaniel was like a different dog. Before this he wasn’t able to get on the sofa or the bed, now he’s jumping up by himself. Amazing stuff! Thank you so much to the makers of this for giving my dog his independence back

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