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Hip & Joint Tablets For Dogs

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Nobody likes to see their dog in pain.  

Here’s how it starts:  you see Fido hesitating when he has to use the stairs or see him limping.   Perhaps he is reluctant to get up in the morning, and it is not just because he is a sleepyhead.

Joint problems in dogs can fit into two categories:

  • It can be because of developmental issues, such as elbow and hip dysplasia or,
  • because of degenerative problems because the dog gets older.

Thankfully, there is something you can do!

Hip and joint supplement tablets for dogs, such as these from Uploria, can be a game-changer to make Scrap feel as good as new in no time.    The correct supplements can rebuild natural substances to relieve a dog’s pain.   (Of course, your dog might have specific needs based on his health characteristics or background.   If you feel unsure, speak to your vet first.)

Uploria Hip and Joint supplement tablets give you:

  • A happy dog! These tablets contain MSM organic powder, chondroitin, and glucosamine for dogs.  These supplements promote the healing of already damaged tissues and prevent further inflammation.   With it comes more mobility and, of course, pain relief.
  • A more active dog.   As joint pains are relieved, your dog can climb stairs again or are thrilled to go for a walk, just like in the old days.

Give your dog a Uploria Hip and Joint supplement tablet with his meal or as a treat.   It is best to give your dog the entire course of tablets for the best results.


15 reviews for Hip & Joint Tablets For Dogs

  1. Karen Tate

    Very good product will use again

  2. Alan Richardson

    Purchased got my 9 year old Labradoodle who had a serious operation on her hind leg when she was about 3 due to Crusate Ligament injury, seems that be getting a bit stiff now but seems to be best after taking these . Crush them up in her food so she doesn’t notice.

  3. Dave Riley

    My beloved dog has been on these tablet for a couple of weeks now, he will be eight next month and he is acting like a puppy again, his arthritis is bad, really bad. I would do anything for him, so it looks like I would be reordering from you, thank you

  4. Lydsey Morrow

    My dog is the fussiest one for his tablets, but he needs help with his arthritis. Luckily he was able to eat these tablets crushed in his food. The company I bought them from sent me a thank you for my order and it was delivered quickly…. I’m happy.

  5. Emma Holmes

    Have been using this for several months and it definitely has helped our old dog with her mobility. Certainly worth trying.

  6. Anthony Wilson

    Only on the third day of taking these tablets, I have given my dog two tablets morning and evening as instructed for severe cases, already I have noticed an improvement, she’s walking around more and now going to the door to be let out, she always fought this. I hope to see continued improvement over the next few weeks. I will definitely be purchasing these again.

  7. Paul Wilson

    Dogs enjoy the tablets and it seems to be helping the dogs movement and they enjoy them. I will buy these again

  8. Thomas Dodds

    My dog took the tablets without any problems. They seem to be helping

  9. Linda Brooks

    Delivery as quoted thank you excellent product making a great difference to my elderly collie
    Kind Regards

  10. Pat Budden

    Item arrived in quick time and in good condition, Just the right size. Well pleased

  11. Fiona Baxter

    I was skeptical at using this product but after seeing the reviews, I thought i would give them a go for my 14 year old Collie who has arthritis. I was given pain relief from the vets for her but I couldn’t get her to eat more than one tablet, even crushed up and hidden in her food so I gave these a go. 3 days in and I’ve already noticed a huge improvement. I am giving her 4 a day, two crushed up with her food in the morning and then at tea time. She was having trouble with her back leg and was holding it up in pain but now she’s walking on it and once again has more energy. Really pleased with these tablets.

  12. Karen Morran

    Cairn terrier can actually walk on his 4 paws instead of holding one up. Very much more mobile than he was. Will buy again.

  13. Kelly Aston

    Seems to be helping my old arthritic dog, only been using for a few days but the signs are good.

  14. Edward Miller

    Early days yet, but started seeing a little improvement already

  15. Dave Smiles

    My dog suffers from stiff joints but I have been using this for four weeks now and she seems much better, she has started running a little bit now and her limp as nearly gone . I will continue to use this as she seems a lot happier now

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