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Multivitamin Capsules For Dogs

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Dogs get vitamins from dog food.

You know that label on your dog food packaging that says ‘a complete and balanced’ diet?  It means that commercial dog food is specially formulated to contain all the goodies your dog needs.    Dog food manufacturers even cater to dogs in different life stages:   a senior dog needs other vitamins than a puppy.

So why do I need a multivitamin for my dog?

We need to ask you a question in return:   Do you feed your dog correctly and with the appropriate amounts of kibble as recommended?   If not, it might mean that your dog is not getting all the vitamins and nutrients it needs.   Dogs fed on a homemade diet will definitely need a supplement.

Uploria Multivitamins for Dogs is a great choice to give you peace of mind:

  • These conditioning tablets for dogs will make sure your dog is at optimum health.
  • The tablets (developed by vets) contain natural Vitamin B-complex vitamins that help with anxiety, a dull coat, and skin irritations.  It aids the development of healthy teeth and bones.
  • It is suitable for dogs of all ages and comes in a chicken flavor.
  • It is naturally tasty!   You can even give it to your dog as a treat.

Give Uploria Multivitamins to your dog as part of its meal.  If necessary, you can crush the tablets.   For the best results, finish the bottle!   See the packaging for dosage instructions.


Our  Multivitamin Tablets For Dogs is out-sourced and manufactured by a company that is (GMP) – GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE it also holds (ISO 9001) QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGEMENT Certificate that is why we know you are getting a first class product and we can say if you are not satisfied with the product then just return it to us and we will give you a 100% Refund all you pay is the return postage which we have to sign for.

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16 reviews for Multivitamin Capsules For Dogs

  1. Jane Fairweather

    Item as described and quick delivery

  2. Mrs Charlton

    Great service and product

  3. Joan Holmes

    My sharpie is very fussy, but she enjoys theses

  4. David Monk

    Excellent service and a very good quality item.

  5. Heidi Thomas

    Very good product and as described

  6. Lisa Wilson

    It was hard to find a supplement that my dog would eat, he’s elderly and fussy with food. He eats this one no probs so I buy it regularly. Can recommend!

  7. Anita Baxter

    A+++++ product and service

  8. Tom Cliff

    Brilliant multivitamins for my two baby’s. my older boy doesn’t seem mean on the taste so I just add some liver paste but they seem to do the job.

  9. Richard Poole

    These Vitamins are good but taste could use some slight improvement. I’ll be purchasing them again when required.

  10. Lindy Louisa

    our dog seems to be in a much improved mood and her itchy skin does not bother her so much since she has been having a vitamin tablet every day. The pills came quickly and well packaged. I will purchase from this company again.

  11. janette noga

    Arrived in time, lid was missing but ok

  12. Jane M Robertson

    Excellent service and a very good quality item.

  13. Joe Kelly

    My sharpie is very fussy, but she enjoys theses

  14. Anthony Smith

    Received quickly and a great product

  15. Monica Princable

    My dog is loads better on this product.

  16. Al Jones

    Very good product will use again

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