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Omega Oil Capsules For Dogs

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Omega oil capsules for Dogs 

Fish is good for your dog

Fish oil is one of the best supplements that you can give to your dog.   Just look at all these benefits:

  • Fish oil helps to keep your best friend’s heart healthy.
  • It promotes a shiny, silky coat.
  • It reduces itchiness and peeling skin.
  • Fish oil can decrease inflammation and pain associated with joint pain, and it eases irritating allergies.
  • It can even help fight canine cancer because it strengthens the immune system.

How much Omega 3’s does my dog need?

Here’s how to make a calculation:

  • Figure out your dog’s weight in kilograms.  (Divide their weight in pounds by 2.2 to get to the answer.)
  • Say your dog weighs 20 kg.   The recommended dose of fish oil is about 100mg (1g) per kg. Therefore your dog should get about 2000mg (or 20g) of fish oil per day.   Please don’t give your dog more than the recommended dose as it can cause vomiting and diarrhea.  Ask your veterinarian if you are unsure!

The powerful and triple action Omega supplement from Uploria was formulated by veterinarians, is all-natural, and will nourish your pet from the inside out.   You owe it to your furry face!


6 reviews for Omega Oil Capsules For Dogs

  1. Yvonne Nelson

    I have a 13 yr old collie, who has a skin allergy, it was diagnosed years ago, vets have tried different medication, shampoos, food, nothing worked. It cost me a fortune to try and find something that would stop him scratching and biting himself, this is my second lot of these tablets, they work wonders, he has one tablet a day, amazing if only i had found these early, best buy ever.

  2. Angela Tate

    Amazing. My beagle has been on everything for a number of years now from antibiotics to steroid creams. Nothing seems to work and she has a permanent bald neck. One week on these capsules and I cannot believe the difference. She is even getting her hair back. We are delighted with this product. Our fur baby doesn’t scratch as much. Amazing

  3. Evan Nelson

    Capsules arrived in really good time, no issues with delivery. Have been using these for my greyhound for about two weeks now and so far have not had a marked improvement but I feel it needs a bit longer to know if they are working or not. She suffers with an itchy back probably due from coming into central heating from concrete kennels for most of her life. Need a bit longer to be able to give an honest review but so far so good! Has not upset her tummy at all and she has a lovely shine on her coat.

  4. John Armstrong

    My staff had Itchy skin and I was paying £70 to the vet and he still had Itchy skin i put he on this and in 3 days no Itchy skin .

  5. Dave Green

    Great product and quick delivery

  6. Jade Dragoonis

    They work and it’s the only thing I can get my arthritic dog to eat with her food.

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