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Probiotic Tablets For Dogs

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The good, the bad, and the ugly

Dogs, just like people, constantly have good and bad bacteria in their bodies.  It gets ugly when the bad bacteria start outweighing the good, and your dog’s whole system gets knocked out of balance.

This is where probiotics come in.  Probiotics are natural bacteria that live in dogs, and by adding probiotic tablets to your dog’s diet, you can give him his equilibrium back.   Our tablets are specially formulated to keep your dog as healthy as can be.

These probiotic tablets for dogs from Uploria:

  • Is a complementary supplement for digestive and immune support in dogs.
  • It contains five strains of healthy bacteria.  Use especially after antibiotic treatment to ensure Fifi gets all the good bacteria back.
  • It tastes so wonderful that dogs will often accept it as a treat.

One can use probiotics to manage colon problems, yeast infections, food allergic reactions, constant diarrhea, and the passing of winds in dogs.   Roughly estimated, you can dose your dog with one tablet for every ten kilograms he weighs.


13 reviews for Probiotic Tablets For Dogs

  1. Linda Baxter

    The product itself is good. Effective with my jack russell who occasionally had intestinal gurgling. But what an effort to make them take, they are hard pills and the flavoring described is practically non-existent. Fortunately, they can be broken into two pieces and made to be eaten hidden in the morsels of meat.

  2. Anita Holmes

    My dog is loads better on this product.

  3. Brian Cummings

    Really pleased with the impact on my dog. helped a lot with his sensitive tummy.

  4. Joan Settings

    Started giving these to my dog as she would often have an upset tummy since she has been on them she has been much better. Highly recommended

  5. Charles Brown

    What to say, product arrived on time and in excellent condition.
    after a month of use, my dog ​​seems to feel better, has problems related to poor digestion but we have not been able to make the dog feel good with various veterinary treatments, such as gastroprotectors and diet. With these enzymes, it seems to be much better at last, the only doubt, will it be necessary to give it for life?

  6. Lisa Riley

    This product helps a lot to calm the dog’s stomach , I will definitely buy them again

  7. Emma Smiles

    Exceptional product! I tested it with my dog ​​with loose stools and diarrhea and cleared it in just two days. I also discovered that he had worms despite having had the treatment a month and a half ago the worms were in his feces and so I was able to treat him properly. Always to have at home!

  8. Sheila Johnson

    Product that does what it says, actually after a week of use my dog ​​has stopped producing soft stools, has always suffered from soft stools from an early age but now the problem has been solved

  9. Maria Charlton

    It took about 3 weeks to clear the problem, and so far great. My dog ​​has food intolerance or at least that’s what he was diagnosed and was always vomiting and diarrhea. Since I started giving it to him, no vomiting and no diarrhea.

  10. Tracey Paton

    Packaged well and arrived on time.

  11. Ann Holmes

    My dog ​​has always had problems with irritable bowel and gastritis. I gave her various supplements with good results, but at exorbitant prices. I then tried this product a little by chance and I won’t leave it anymore. Too bad only for the non-existent palatability … I have to do a lot of effort to make her eat these two pastries, but for the price they have and the results obtained, I’m not complaining.

  12. Brian Riley

    The only flaw to improve is that they are not really flavored with chicken, they know little or nothing, sometimes unpleasant as a smell, but masked with a few slices of ham or hidden well among the croquettes my Canee does not care , only this aspect needs to be improved, otherwise it is an excellent product.

  13. Alan Cummings

    A real discovery. My dog ​​has intestinal problems since a puppy and usually has diarrhea when she eats something other than her feed. This probiotic really works. And for them it’s like a chick because they’re chicken scented. Since my dog ​​weighs less than 10 kg, I give her only one tablet a day so with 120 doses, I have 4 months covered.

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