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Puppy Training Pads


Come pee-wee!

We all love our dogs to the moon and back, but puppy training can have its moments.  Who of us hasn’t yet sighed in aspiration when we see a brand-new puddle right in the middle of where-it-shouldn’t be?

Luckily, most puppies can learn to use a piece of newspaper or a puppy training pad relatively quickly with proper, firm training.

Uploria just made it even easier.  Our revolutionary puppy training pads are super absorbent with five layers and locks moisture away in gel form.   No more tell-tale pee-wee footprints all over the laminated floors!  Each pad measures 60cm x 60 cm.

  • Our puppy training pads make odors disappear.   The pads themselves are unscented, and magically, the puppy knows to use them again after just a little training.
  • Uploria’s padsdon’t leak and won’t slip, and it is definitely swankier than newspapers!
  • The pads are also great to use under food- or water bowls to mop up spills.

Why not make your life easier?   Try Uploria’s Puppy training pads today.

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13 reviews for Puppy Training Pads

  1. Karen Laing

    Got them for my elderly cat who has a long term kidney problems. They are absolutely perfect for what we require them for. They do have many uses. I also put them under the sheet on my three year old granddaughters bed… just in case there’s an accident.

  2. Lisa Morron

    I used them to line the Guinea Pigs cage before sawdust and a few cat litter pellets were used for their deep litter. Then hay put down. This way when cleaning out the cage you just roll the pads up with the litter in for disposal. I only did this as this is what my daughter does. I had used the pads that she had. As looking after the GP’s for 3 weeks I just looked on line saw your item, same size etc, but better priced. Quick easy delivery, no problem. They do the job very well. Also, they are very flexible, as discovered a very slow leak under daughters kitchen sink. So after cleaning and drying out the area. Put down one of your pads. Great. Are you surprised how versatile your product is.

  3. Brenda King

    My 9 week old golden retriever is already house trained but if we go out for any length or overnight he can’t hold his pee in so we always put 2 pads down so far he’s used the pad every time to pee he’s such a clever boy!

  4. Kelly Nelson

    I was looking after a friend’s 3-year old dog whilst my friend was away on holiday. I guess the dog was a bit disoriented and missing his human because he decided to pee and poo randomly inside my house, even though I walked him regularly and let him out into the garden at regular intervals. I thought that I would try these Uploria Pet World Puppy Training Pads hoping hoping hoping that the dog just might possibly use them, although I didn’t truly believe that he would. To my amazement the dog seemed to know exactly what these pads were for, and he began to use them immediately. After a few days he decided that he quite enjoyed living with me so he settled down perfectly and stopped
    peeing/pooing in the house anyway. But I would recommend these pads to anyone .. they definitely work.

  5. Sheila Dodds

    Excellent product I’ve bought other makes and no where near as good , great size only need 2 where other makes I have to use 4 for floor coverage and I’ve even ordered another pack so impressed

  6. Marie Holmes

    Bought these to protect our laminate floor in the kitchen. We had been using newspapers, which we were finding were not really absorbent enough. Our 7 year old greyhound, occasionally uses the kitchen as a dog toilet through the night. (about twice per month). The pads are good quality. Cannot comment on the absorbency as he not had a wee in the house since we bought them. We have been putting about 6 down every night and had them for a few weeks now and keep putting them back down. Seem to be comparable with price of other training pads – quick delivery too.

  7. Mary Dewsbury

    We are having to use these for our poorly cat who sometimes cannot get himself out of his bed when he needs a wee – we use one of these under the cushion in his bed (as the base is a lot thicker to wash than the cushion, but last night he wanted to sit with me on the sofa and was happy to lay directly on top of a pad, he ended up staying there for 6 hours (with no accidents) We also have him set up in one room at the moment and he is only drinking water if it’s in a jug – coupled with him being a Maine coon who plays with his water – one of these under the jug stops any spills on the carpet, the pads are super absorbent and hold much more water than expected. I was concerned that these might be a bit too plasticy and he would chew them but they are more like paper. Will definitely purchase again if we have an ongoing requirement for them. They have made a very stressful situation a LOT easier and far exceeded my expectations

  8. Charles Cliff

    Bought these for our elderly dog who is becoming very incontinent. These pads are very absorbent and worked well in the car

  9. Joan Robinson

    I decided to try these for a change as others were failing to keep my floor dry due to soaking through I’ve started to try these since yesterday and they are definitely better than the brand I have been purchasing prob still not the best but very good for the price well made and no leaks so far

  10. Tanya Tate

    I have bought the puppy training pads on advise from my friend. I actually use them to line my cat’s litter box. I have to say that this is the best tip I got as it completely eliminates the smell of cats wee! it is now a week and you cannot tell I have a cat at home which still cannot go outside (still couple of weeks to go) The pads are really easy to use (I actually cut them in half so will last me ages!) I really recommend this product. It really works with eliminating the odours

  11. Sophie Nelson

    I bought these because my 13 year old dog is becoming incontinent. These arrived the day after I ordered them which was great for me as I’m recovering from spinal surgery and can’t get out and about. They are a great size and really soak up a lot. I use them on laminate flooring and they don’t move around as much as I expected. I have only used 3 so far but am amazed that Pedie knows to go on them. They protect my floors and I heartily recommend them. If they work as well with puppies as they do with Pedie then they are a great idea and save so much hassle cleaning carpets and floors.

  12. Jeanette Scott

    Very good sized pad, works very well for a toy poodle. Safety for when he can’t get out.

  13. Monica Brown

    I bought these to use with a rescue dog we’ve just adopted – I thought they’d be useful for toilet training, but in fact the dog has been house clean from the start. These did however come in very handy on the day he arrived – he’d had a long journey to get to us, and when we fed him, he was immediately sick – a lot! I managed to get one of these underneath him, and was very pleased that nothing leaked through to the carpet at all, so they are definitely very absorbent! Perfect size for small to medium dogs, and do the job very well.

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