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Puppy Training Pads

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Come pee-wee!

We all love our dogs to the moon and back, but puppy training can have its moments.  Who of us hasn’t yet sighed in aspiration when we see a brand-new puddle right in the middle of where-it-shouldn’t be?

Luckily, most puppies can learn to use a piece of newspaper or a puppy training pad relatively quickly with proper, firm training.

Uploria just made it even easier.  Our revolutionary puppy training pads are super absorbent with five layers and locks moisture away in gel form.   No more tell-tale pee-wee footprints all over the laminated floors!  Each pad measures 60cm x 60 cm.

  • Our puppy training pads make odors disappear.   The pads themselves are unscented, and magically, the puppy knows to use them again after just a little training.
  • Uploria’s padsdon’t leak and won’t slip, and it is definitely swankier than newspapers!
  • The pads are also great to use under food- or water bowls to mop up spills.

Why not make your life easier?   Try Uploria’s Puppy training pads today.

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1 review for Puppy Training Pads

  1. Jeanette Scott

    Very good sized pad, works very well for a toy poodle. Safety for when he can’t get out.

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