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UTI For Urinary & Kidney Problems

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How do I know my dog has a urinary tract infection?

There are loads of signs that can tell you that your dog has a UTI.

Some of the most common symptoms are your dog whimpering when he has to ‘go,’ constant urination, or the frequent licking of genitals.   Rover can also start having accidents in the house, be dribbling urine, or be straining in pain when he has to urinate.

Uploria can help!   Our UTI tablets for cats and dogs can help maintain healthy urinary function or soothe when the infection has struck.

  • It is safe and natural, detoxifying and balancing.
  • Formulated by veterinarians, our product contains marshmallow- and liquorice roots to support the kidneys.
  • It also contains cranberry and D-Mannose to flush out harmful bacteria and help prevent further infection. Cranberry corrects PH imbalances and helps prevent UTI bacteria from sticking in the bladder or the urinary tract walls.
  • Our tablets are yom-yom chicken flavored and easy to administer.

No pet has to suffer from a urinary tract infection! These UTI tablets for Urinary and Kidney Support for Pets from Uploria can make sure of it.


Our  UTI For Urinary & Kidney Problems For Dogs/Cats is out-sourced and manufactured by a company that is (GMP) – GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE it also holds (ISO 9001) QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGEMENT Certificate that is why we know you are getting a first class product and we can say if you are not satisfied with the product then just return it to us and we will give you a 100% Refund all you pay is the return postage which we have to sign for.

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26 reviews for UTI For Urinary & Kidney Problems

  1. Mrs Aston

    My old dog nelly is 16 years old. She was really sick with an unconfirmed urine infection i believe. Symptoms were urinating frequently, sometimes with nothing or little coming out, her licking frequently her private areas, wetting uncontrollable at night which started as dribbling. Also blood. She was in pain as she was shaking and anxious as panting. Also drinking a lot more. I thought she had a brain tumor to as she couldn’t walk down the stairs, her back legs were going due to the uti affecting her kidneys i think. You will have to put this tablets in a bag and crush them as my dog wont take them, and use a tin of sardines each morning to mix them in to hide them, and after nearly loosing my dog 10 days of taking these tablets she’s nearly back to normal. I will give these tablets 10 stars as they saved my girl. Other things i did was give honey 1 table spoon once a day and coconut water once to help her with the pain at the start. Just don’t give to much coconut water maybe a cup or 2 in 1 week. My dogs a staffy size she had 3 tablets and i did increase to 3 in half as i lost a little on the outsides of the bag, but there’s lots of tablets in this box so unlike the liquid forms this is better, as the liquid doesn.t last 4 days.. I hope anyone who has a poorly baby try’s these as i know there a little bit more but much better than the paste.

  2. Karen Smith

    My dog has reoccurring UTIs, the first visit to the vet cost £145, the second was a similar cost. Fearing a third and feeling very sorry for my dog peeing out blood and straining I thought that I would give them a try. After a week she was completely clear and healthy, I carried on for a few weeks, four tablets a day for my 29 kg dog.

  3. Brian Dewsbury

    Dog has an reoccurring Uti problem. Been to the vets about 10/15 with her the past 3 years and spent on average £100 a visit. Bought these once a seen blood in the urine, which was quite bad. After 2 days it cleared up and she’s back to jumping around. Can’t praise this product enough. Saved myself around 90 pound and have about another 100 tablets left over to keep her bladder/ urine track healthy. 10/10

  4. David Laing

    Juries out whether they work or not but they do seem to be helping keep our springer free from infection as he’s only got one working kidney and has bladder problems it’s a battle at times to keep him healthy so anything that can help is worth a try

  5. Moira Armstrong

    My dog is 15 years old and started to have accidents in the house, if she needed to go she had to go wherever she was, so I thought I would try these tablets on her, what a difference, within a week no more accidents, she always managed to get outside for a wee. I can’t praise these tablets enough, I use them everyday for Molly . AMAZING !!!!!

  6. Tanya Reynolds

    I’ve had my little terrier on this now for three weeks and it’s working well. The frequency of urine has calmed down. Can’t see any blood in the urine with these symptoms reduced I feel that the UTI has not developed and has kept it at bay. I will continue to use for another batch. I did put her on vitamins C tablet. Saved a considerable amount on vets bills

  7. Joan Brooks

    Came quickly fortunately as they were needed! Our boy has intermittent UTI and ‘crystals’ that scrape and inflame. These tablets seem to do the trick and have the added bonus that held out on my palm with a cat treat they get swallowed in one, no struggling with teeth and claws as happened with the ones the Vet sold us. He is perkier and more relaxed as a result of feeling much better so I’m happy to keep to the one a day regimen.

  8. Kath Burnell

    It is to early to tell if the tablets are working for my dog because she hasn’t been taking them for long. I am hopeful that they will work. I find them difficult to administer as she doesn’t seem to be able to chew them. They are difficult to crush but I will persevere. I will email you further down the line when I can really judge if they are helping my dog. Regards Kath Burnell

  9. mrs L searby

    Very quick service, reasonable price, good quality. This was my second order from them.

  10. Lisa Richardson

    Brilliant. My female Cavalier would hold on to her wee and get infections (nasty fishy smell!) resulting in expensive vet trips. These have sorted her out completely! She goes regularly and no nasty smell now, very pleased.

  11. Anne Smithson

    I have a 14 year old jack Russell, he had recently been prescribed meds and dietary food for bladder stones, there was some improvement but then he took ill again, straining to pee, blood in his urine and really not himself.. He has taken two days worth of this treatment and already I can see an improvement, he is much happier in himself and his appetite has improved, he has a larger flow of wee, rather than a dribble so five stars so far, fingers crossed. Will definitely be purchasing again if all goes well.

  12. Miss Wilson

    Worked for my cat you can tell he is back to his normal selve

  13. Sophia Cummings

    Very good product will order again

  14. Phil Aston

    Great product and service

  15. Jean Sykes

    My young male dog randomly started peeing in the house after having no issues since house training. With an increase in fluids and these tablets daily, he seems to have stopped with the random peeing. He will eat ANYTHING so getting him to take these is no issue. He actually gets excited when he sees the box now! They can’t taste too bad obviously.

  16. Fran Dykes

    These tablets saved the day and the cost of a huge vet bill would definitely recommend

  17. Gale Comming

    My frenchie was suffering with a UTI and was in quite a lot of pain. Ordered these after reading the reviews and within a couple of days he was much better The tablets themselves are quite large and he wouldn’t take them broken in half as a treat so I split the dose and crushed them into his food.

  18. Manta A

    I can honestly say they worked for my little rescue dog. found it easier to crush 3 tablets into her food and eats it with no problem. . It dose help if they drink more as well. As my dog didn’t drink a lot so I gave her milk with water and it worked a treat thank you will be buying again ??

  19. Janette Riley

    Purchased to help with my pups “vaginitis” it git really bad and vet said just to use wipes and let it be till my pups 1st season. She is on that pill for 3 weeks now and the issue have improved so much so you cannot see the horrible stuff anymore. Definitely recommend.

  20. Jim Underwood

    Amazing it helped my girl so much, would recommend

  21. Dave Richardson

    He is perkier and more relaxed as a result of feeling much better so I’m happy to keep to the one a day regimen.

  22. Charly Fields

    A life saver it does what it says on tin. Helped my wee doggy. Very good

  23. Stella Brookes

    My 11 year old Staffie started showing signs of a UTI, he was needing to urinate all the time but struggling to go as well as just not being his normal self. I ordered these tablets based on other people’s reviews. They arrived the next day and within 48 hours (2 doses) you could clearly see he was feeling better, 5 days on and he’s very nearly back to his old self.

  24. Zee Charlton

    My ancient dog now has control over her bladder, before I used this product it was out of control to her and my distress. I just drop a pill in a titbit or her food and it disappears. Highly recommended.

  25. Jillian Holmes

    I read the reviews so bought it my big fur baby having problems with incontinence after 4 days urine does not smell it was horrendous still incontinent but hopefully that will get better I will update in a few weeks

  26. Nikita Fowler

    These seem to work, have an elderly dog who has been diagnosed with IBD the side effects of her steroid treatment are hunger and thirst and a weakened bladder, since she’s been on these she hasn’t been half as bad and I’m letting her back on the sofa again now. Still the occasional oops but so much better than before

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