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Cat Urinary Tract Infections – What To Look For

UTI infection can occur during urination, with the cat squatting, or if the cat is coughing, sneezing or coughing. While the UTI is present, the cat must remain in isolation to prevent spreading to other parts of the body. Your cat may experience pain during the painful episodes of...


Natural Cat/Dog Formula Urine Therapy

Urine is the fluid inside your dogs body that contains the wastes and extra fluids that your pet does not need. The urine contains toxins and waste. The toxins build up and lead to infection, bladder stones, and pain in the dogs kidneys, which affects kidney function and leads...

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Common Symptoms Of A Urinary Tract Infection

Just like humans, cats can get urinary track infections, and the symptoms are very similar to human UTIs. But if your cat doesn’t have a human UTI, then the cause isn’t bacterial or virus related. What is urinary track infection? Urethral plugs are collections of pus that form between the bladder...