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What You Need To Know About Dog Enzymes

Most dogs tend to react to certain foods because they don’t have the right dog probiotics digestive enzymes to help them digest it. So you dog may have allergies to a particular food because the digestive process is faulty in the intestines of the animal. There are some food...


A Talk On Digestive Enzymes For Pets

Your dog likely needs help absorbing nutrients from the food he eats. Digestive enzyme for pets will help. Specifically, pancreatic and pancreatic polypeptides, and aldose reductase will help process starch and sugar. Not all the starch and sugar will be absorbed, though. Digestive enzyme will help close the loop,...


The Benefits Of Giving Probiotics To Your Dog

There are several types of probiotics used. Three types used for specific purposes. Chlorella Chlorella, when fed as a supplement to a dog’s diet, supports the intestinal microflora needed to digest the choline. Choline is necessary to manufacture acetylcholine and taurine. The supplement also supports the immune system. S. thermophilus S. thermophilus is...