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Dog Health Problems – Omega-3 For Dogs

If you cant give your dog fish oil supplements because you are unsure of their quality, you might want to look at fish oil omega 3 for dogs. Manufacturers claim that dogs food supplements for omega-3 will have no adverse effects, are safe and a good quality supplement. Omega-3...


All Natural Products For Healthy Cats

Omega oil for cats, known as “essential fatty acids” are known to help improve your cats energy levels, skin, hair and eye health. It is very similar to a human’s diet, it is all natural, and does not contain any synthetic chemicals. Omega oil for cats, in particular, known...

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Discover How Omega 3 Will Improve Your Dogs Health

For dogs that are not responsive to the usual approaches, one could consider the use of omega 3 oil capsules for dogs. These can be bought over-the-counter, but are not recommended. Instead, a vet would recommend using a natural supplement that contains high amounts of Omega 3. These products...


Dog Diabetes – How to Cure and Prevent It

Omega 3 is produced by the body’s immune system. It is the kind of fatty acids that the body produces to ward off threats to our own health. Omega 6 is produced by the brain and helps the body to produce hormones and antibodies for defence against aggressors. However, there...