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How To Tell If Your Dog Has Allergies?

Introduction Allergy is unfortunately very common in canines. They can make pet dogs quite irritable and also very aggressive at times. And these mute souls cannot even convey their suffering to their owners. Often dog lovers also cannot understand what has their beloved pet in a fix and put it...


The Truth About Multivitamins For Dogs

Many dogs tend to have more vitamin deficiencies than mineral deficiencies. You would usually see this in large breed dogs, however for smaller breeds it is common for these deficiencies to be in mineral forms that are lacking in the dietary requirements. The dog supplements which are found to...



Yes, there are actually specific vitamins and nutrients dogs need just like there are nutrients humans need. Just like with people, dogs need to be protected from certain foods and vitamins just like there are foods and vitamins humans need. Here are the exact nutrients dogs need so you...