Tricks On How To Train Your Dog Correctly

TIP! While training your puppy or dog to use a crate, introduce him to new concepts slowly and gradually, so he is able to adjust to the changes without feeling stressed. Once your dog is accustomed to being in the crate, try closing the door and giving your pet a treat through the wire.

Excessive barking, growling, rowdy behavior, and other negative traits that a dog may have can all be trained out of a dog. In cases when these behaviors can't be completely eliminated, they can be minimized by using these tips. Dogs need proper training to become a welcomed member of the family.

TIP! Put yourself in the dog's situation. Dog training can get extremely frustrating at times, especially when your dog isn't learning commands that you think are very simple.

Correct your dog verbally with short, sharp statements. Do not drag on in a rant to your dog about how bad they are. Say NO and redirect your dog to the desired behavior. It is also important to have good volume to your commands so that your dog understands that you are serious.

TIP! Do not tie more than one dog in the same area. If chains get intertwined, the dogs can get hurt.

Timing is critical during puppy training, and you must spend sufficient time on training without doing too much. Start out with a small training session and up the time every day. When the animal appears to lose interest, you will know which duration produces the best results per session.

TIP! If you intend to use a crate in dog training, make sure the crate is an appropriate size for your dog. Your little puppy will get bigger, remember! You want a crate that will suit your dog right through to adulthood.

Make sure that your dog's crate is the right size for him if you are going to use it to train him. Keep in mind, puppies do not stay small forever. Choose a crate that works both for puppy and mature sizes. The ability to move around within the crate is paramount to the pet's comfort.

TIP! “Leave it” is an important command to teach, starting when you bring your dog home. This can help get your dog to stop chomping on your belongings and help keep them safe from hazardous materials.

If you want your do to be house trained, you must make sure that he follows a regular elimination and feeding schedule. Once you've established a schedule, it will be easier to predict when your dog needs to go to the bathroom. Being consistent will teach the dog to hold it until it is time to go outside.

TIP! Maintain short training sessions. Dogs have short attention spans.

Don't extend training sessions. By keeping the sessions short you will be able to hold your dog's attention. If you want to train them more, let your dog take a break to get some energy out.

TIP! In order to prevent barking, teach your dog to obey orders to be quiet. After your dog starts barking, show your pet the reward and repeat the command until they cease.

Training needs to continue during the dog's life. You do not have to stop training them as a puppy. If you always train your dog they will stay obedient and you will not encourage any new bad habits.

TIP! Try teaching your dog the command of “down”. This will be particularly helpful in emergency situations.

Let your dog get used to triggers that make them bark to reduce the behavior. It could be a particular sound or it could be the experience of being in front of other animals or people. The key is teaching them that their triggers are nothing to fear.

TIP! Avoid punishing your puppy when you first begin obedience training. If he misbehaves, correct him, but most importantly, you should try to prevent that behavior from happening to begin with.

The best way to train your dog is to use different tones of voices. Use different tones for orders, praises, warnings and reprimands so your dog can easily distinguish your different reactions. Be firm at all times, but vary your tone depending on what you are trying to get the dog to do.

TIP! Don't give mixed signals. If you are amused when he does something wrong, your dog will see the behavior as acceptable.

With the right techniques, training your dog is easy. With a positive attitude and sufficient knowledge, dog training can be a huge success. It is possible to train your dog successfully by yourself.

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