Woman 82 Mauled To Death By Two Dogs…

A elderly woman out walking her dog and was attacked and mauled to death by two very aggressive dogs one was a pit bull her dog was also killed.

An Oklahoma City woman was mauled to death by two dogs Thursday in a northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood where residents said they've had problems for years with dogs running loose.

Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said the woman, whose name was not released, was walking a small dog near the 11600 block of Windmill Road when she was attacked by two large dogs.

“During this attack, the woman's dog and the woman, sadly, were both killed, they were both mauled to death by the two dogs,” Knight said.



Officers were sent to the area about 1:50 p.m. after a passerby called to report the attack.

“When officers arrived they tried to get to the woman to render aid to her, they were not able to get to her because of the dogs,” Knight said.

One of the dogs was shot and killed by an officer. The other was hit by a police car. Police said one was a pit bull. The breed of the second dog was not known.

This is a very sad case her family are very upset and want answers, you can get the full story from Josh Wallace.

by Josh Wallace

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