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You will start by waiting until your puppy has been outside to relieve himself and then give him the command to go to the toilet. After a few attempts you will gradually phase out the paper and start to use puppies pads in this area. Then, you will slowly phase out this type of toilet training as well. Keep training your puppy until you get to the stage where you can take him to the toilet area with a single command.

Puppies tend to get excited if they have been out too long or are being cruelly punished when they are outside, so try to reduce the number of trips outside. If this isn’t working, leave him outside for a few minutes only, then bring him back in. This will let him know that he isn’t to be punished for “trying”. You will soon see that your puppy will always know that there is a special area that he can use to go to the toilet.

You will need to use the command to toilet often when you are awake and in control and if you are out with your puppy, you must not punish him for doing the toilet in the house. You must reward him when he goes to the toilet outside and with puppy pads or newspaper when he is outside. Dogs are clever and it will take some time to get the hang of this. Puppies will also go to the toilet in their sleeping area with some sort of pad, so you must use puppy training pads. If you are unable to make this part of your puppy training, make sure that you take him to the same spot each time he wakes up and go to the toilet and give him a treat when he goes to the toilet correctly.

When your puppy is very confident and understands the command to toilet, you can progress to using a special pad in this area, which is a bit smaller than the pad you use for the outside toilet area and at first, give the command to go to the toilet to the pad and let him go to the outside area. Then you can add the command to toilet to the pad and when he understands this, give him the command to toilet.

Keep training in this way and you will be able to use the word to command your puppy to the toilet within the first week. Make sure that you don’t hit or punish him when he is outside and you will be able to take him outside correctly and use the word to command your puppy to go to the toilet and to behave. You will soon have a new member to your family, I guarantee it!

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